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These are some ideas for people who want to compete but can't think of an OC they want to risk.
1: A clone of a historical figure (I.E. Starswirl the Bearded or Chancellor Puddinghead) who can't seem to live up to the expectations set by their historical counterparts and are in turn different from them and in turn wishes either to better emulate them, be separated from them, or meet them (I really hope someone get's what this is a reference to).
2: A Dashite wanting only revenge against the man who branded him/her.
3: A Cyberpony who wants to be normal again. (please note I don't think there's anything wrong with them but some probably want to be regular again).
4: A non-pegasus who wish's to fly above the clouds.
5: A Killer Joke victim. I'll let you take it from there.
6: A merchant who wants to open a shop.

Some new suggestions from ManiakMonkey

1. A steel ranger sent to the tournament to find the secrets and technologies of clover tower.
2. A changeling looking for a way to be in love with someone without killing them (in my headcannon, the love they feed on sucks the life energy out of the host eventually).
3. And a Brahmin that wishes his heads may be separated into two bodies instead of being stuck to one.

I hope you'll take these ideas into consideration when making your player (especially idea number one if you get the reference cause that would kinda kick butt)

About us: the-equestrianwastes.deviantar…
We're an Fallout Equestria OCT. We'll accept any and all species as entrients. Winner will be referenced in the FoE conversion mod.  To begin please send us your OC's back story as an application (picture not mandatory but wouldn't hurt though please try to keep it as continuical to the original, all Kkat approved fanfics, New Roam, and Tales of the Wastes as possible and we mean original please no characters you already use in a story (but if you do this please make sure they're actually alive after Littlepip's quest and that you don't mind possibly losing them) or a PnP). Will need in it S.P.E.C.I.A.L., Tags, Traits, and a character description (some examples of traits other than the ones in the rules can be found… and… though feel free to make up your own or not have traits) also a new perk at the end of each chapter and a quote at the beginning (after the chapter's name). We'll be following the PnP rules (…) for stats and winning entrants will be compiled for a story on Fimfiction (this tournament will be that story so that they're all in one convenient place and possible to be downloaded as an Epub for those with Ebook readers is what I'm trying to say). We welcome you all into the wastes and say let the tournament commence.

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